No flash on iPod Touch or iPhone...

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I just checked out the iPod Touch in person at the Apple Store in NYC.

My first impression is that it is AMAZINGLY thin.

I really love the look and feel of it. I can't believe how much they packed into such a slim design. I dig the iphone too. It actually has a nice heftier feel. But I currently don't need a phone since I will be traveling most of the year.

Anyway...the ONE thing that bothered me, was that both the ipod touch and the iphone didn't support Flash! I find this amazing, since SO many websites incorporate flash into their websites. Flash is everywhere.

Besides my favorite flash animation sites that didn't work, alot of other sites didn't work. Like my etrade account...I could access it easily thru the ipod touch or iphone, and even trade stocks...but when I tried to open the "marketcaster" live stock quote couldn't. Another flash application?

Other than that...I TOTALLY dig both products. Since I will be traveling around the world for the next year, the idea of having a laptop that fits into my pocket really appeals to me. If I could only buy an iphone and not have to activate yet still be able to use the wifi features...I'd get the iphone. But since I can't...I am fine with the ipod touch for now.

My only other potential issue is battery life. I wonder how much shorter the ipod touch battery life really is....being so much thinner than the iphone. I heard that although its thinner than the iphone battery...its bigger because the iphone has alot of other components stuffed inside.

If I could get 5 hours of wifi web use per charge...I'd be happy.


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    ya, it is almost too thin. Har to hold. It could be a little thicker with gps or speakers or some other features
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