3D desktops

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Coverflow really brought this thought about, but with the new touch interface and other advances, it would be awesome to see a 3D desktop. Think about it... depth on the computer screen


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    wow, i can just imagine the bloat that would provide

    And just so you know, lots of other people have already thought about it, and done it.
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    3D desktops? Definitely not (and I work with 3D on a daily basis).
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    how come spam?
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    Originally Posted by Cato988 View Post

    how come spam?

    3D can be useful for spatial organization, but the current reality is that all of our common daily computing paradigms are based on 2D information (eg: documents) and 2D displays.

    There are definitely some slick, sexy ways to use 3D that mirror the way we interact with real phyisical spaces. eg:


    But it's easy to get carried away and actually impede data-access and legibility. One example of this is Vista's new Flip3D. MSFT has hyped that feature in their marketing. But compare it to Expose. Flip3D looks sexy at first glance, but most of the content in each window is hidden by the next window in the 3D stack. Moreover, what is visible is warped in perspective, so less legible. imo, Expose is far more useful, as it shows the entire rect of each window, and in flat 2D, so more clear.

    imo, We will inevitably have 3D desktops. Just a matter of evolution. The question is what metaphors are useful vs get in your way (eg: Flip3D).
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    Leopards Stacks and the 3D effect on the dock show that Apple has interests in this area and although I watched that YouTube video thinking that's going to take some learning to get right it's only because I've been using a 2D Finder for 16 years.

    I've linked bumptop.com on Apple's feedback page for OS X. If they could buy the tech like they did with Coverflow then 10.6 is on to a winner.
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