Your stripper name

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It's easy, all you need is the name of your first dog (or pet) and the name of the street you live on.

I'm Fluffy Longfellow

(turned out pretty interesting)

go for it


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    yes i realize that this is a very pointless thread, but its all about fun! so no flaming please
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    iposteriposter Posts: 1,560member
    Doesn't quite work for me, since all my/our dogs have been females, so I'll borrow the name of my wife's first male rabbit:

    Thumper Broad Rock

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    I never had a pet...

    But I have a porn star name!

    Hugh Pickle.
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,074member
    First way: Tat Trenton, not very good

    2nd way: Corporal Cream, much better
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    ajayajay Posts: 117member
    i have way too much free time on my hands......

    Porn Name: Private Tickler

    Gangsta Name: Phat Baller

    Pirate Name: Barnacle Breath Gus

    Mafia Name: Roberto the Snitch

    Taxi-driver Name: Joomìtedie Washington

    "Private Ticker" is by far the best!
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    Simon Pike?

    All of my possible names sound like real people... Fuck that.
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    Originally Posted by hardeeharhar View Post

    Simon Pike?

    All of my possible names sound like real people... Fuck that.

    Well on the bright side, if you did strip you'd be the only stripper that would actually be telling the truth when saying you have your PhD...
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    pevepeve Posts: 518member
    Porn Star name: General Dangler

    Pirate Name: Navigatin' Bobby Hornigold

    Mexican Wrestler Name: El Taco de Guerra

    Mafia Name: Lucky Silvio Costanza

    Taxi Driver Name: Feng Pö Mitchell

    Significant-Other Pet Name: Mookie Huevos
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    that thing is stupid... put your name in twice. Youll see that it's just random
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Well, clearly God intended me to be a stripped: Smokey Grove
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,039member
    Porn Name: Uncle Tang

    Stripper Name: Brady Oliver
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    Willie Bush.

    I win.
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