How to play Battlefield 2142 w/o DVD

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Ok. I've tinkered around with the Mac release of BF 2142- And I've figured out how to make it run w/o the DVD. Applying this hack gives it a very snappy performance increase- what used to take upwards of 16 seconds to get to the first intro movie (Where the walker turns into the EA logo) now takes about 2-4 seconds, the menus are snappier, and gameplay fps is moderatly improved. Go Figure.

Making the Mac version of BF2142 run w/o the DVD is nearly identical to applying the hack on Windows- the placement of the files is the only difference.

Here is how to do it:

1) Download This File: 2142v1.25(noDVD)

2) Expand the .rar (Stuffit Expander will do it by default). in the expanded folder, you will see two files: BF2142.exe and Swiffplayer.dll. Hold onto this folder.

3) In a new Finder window ,go here:

To access the contents of an application, right-click/control-click the app icon and select "Show Package Contents". I'm assuming that everyone here knows that, so FYI I'm just doing it for the newbies- someone would ask sooner or later.

4) Back up the original BF2142.exe and Swiffplayer.dll files to some place on your hard drive.

5) Go back to the expanded .rar folder you just downloaded. Replace the original BF2142.exe and Swiffplayer.dll files in the newly discovered "Battlefield 2142" folder with the downloaded versions.

6) Play the game and experience the happiness!

When I first got BF2142, i was very disappointed by the lack of snappiness. Now that I have removed the reliance on the CD drive, everything works much more smoothly and I am duly impressed with the game. I'm just annoyed that EA had not bothered to go for user experience over anti-piracy protection.


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    thanks. I'll try this tonight. I'm fairly pleased with the game so far. Still playing mostly singleplayer to learn skills before embarassing myself online.

    - Jasen.
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    Heh. I guess you all are new to EA.

    This is one of the worst companies in teh entire world. On par with Comcast and AT&T. Yes, really. No I'm not joking. Get ready for broken games and broken promises.

    Or get an Xbox.
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    The download link doesn't work...
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