Mating a Mac With a Cell Phone

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Wow. <a href=",1282,57941,00.html"; target="_blank">this</a> is cool...I'm not a cell phone dependent person but I thought I'd pass this info to y'all that do...

"Last week, Salling released a clunkily named but surprisingly versatile piece of software for Mac OS X called the <a href=""; target="_blank">Sony Ericsson Clicker</a>, which turns a Bluetooth-equipped Sony Ericsson cell phone into a universal remote for the Mac -- and more.

Imagine the possiblities... :eek:


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    mac's girlmac's girl Posts: 556member
    i saw that.


    i just bought two new gsm phones last week, and neither of them have mac compatibility (yet?). one's a siemens and ones a nokia. the ericcson phone didnt appeal to me at all, despite all its bells and whistles. i hope it's just a matter of software and they can do something for us mac users. im not going to die if i cant isync my phone to my mac, but it would be nice if i could. changing chanels with my phone... that i can wait for.
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