MacBook EFI password problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue or might actually have a solution to my problem.

On my Core2Duo 2 GHz MacBook I set the EFI firmware password with the Firmware Password Utility (version 1.3 from the MacBook Install disk) and everything works as expected when the MacBook is connected to the power supply.

When I am running the MacBook off the battery though every time I start up I get asked for the firmware password and am then presented with the disk selector, where I then have to chose my internal HD to be able to continue logging in.

This should only really happen if I hold down the Option key at start up, but just running off battery always causes it.

The latest firmware update 1.1 for MacBooks didn't bring any changes either.

Since having to go through this whole routine every time i start up on battery is quite cumbersome any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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