iPhone Wish List

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Feel free to add any you think should be included:


1. Voice dialing via Bluetooth (necessary for those of us who talk while driving, especially in states where it is illegal to dial but not illegal to use a hands-free earpiece),

2. Search through phone contacts to find a particular contact faster,

3. Categorize contacts into groups (this is available if you put a contact in a group and then sync the iPhone, but you cannot place contacts into groups on the iPhone itself - including new entries),

4. Change default mail received, mail sent, text message received, etc. sound preferences,

5. Delete more than one email at a time,

6. Read email in landscape mode just like Safari allows,

7. iChat support via WiFi/EDGE,

8. To Do lists,

9. Connect a laptop/desktop to the iPhone via Bluetooth for using internet on a computer via iPhone's EDGE connection,

10. Sync iPhone with computer using Bluetooth,

11. Direct .Mac syncing of the iPhone via WiFi/EDGE,

12. Video recording through the camera,

13. Allowing phone calls to interupt data transmission when using EDGE (currently voice calls are automatically rerouted to voice mail),

14. Keynote player for iPhone,

15. Offer the same ring tone used in your iPhone commercials (matter of fact, offer a bunch of standard telephone ring style ring tones for users that wish to have standard ring tones to choose from),

16. Integrated mail inbox to look at all inbox messages from all accounts at one time,

17. Allowing 3rd-party applications to run natively (e.g, TURN THE iPHONE INTO THE WORLD'S GREATEST PDA!!!),

18. Allow double-tap of home button when iPhone is asleep to bring iPhone to phone favorites/iPod settings (whatever is configured in the settings) instead of just awakening the iPhone,

19. When the iPhone is ringing, allow double-tap of the home button to answer iPhone when asleep (it can be cumbersome to slide the lock button to answer the iPhone when the phone is asleep/locked),

20. Pushing the sleep/wake button and then double-tap should bring the phone to favorites/iPod settings without the need to slide the lock button to unlock the phone when it is asleep.


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    Just thought of another...

    21. Ability to randomly choose a ring tone when a call is received.
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    taskisstaskiss Posts: 1,212member
    Mine does #18 - I think it came out in the update. It kinda does #20, too.

    I think #2 got some work too. I have a bar on the left side of my contacts that allow me to press on a letter to go to names beginning with that letter - this just came out too.
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    steste Posts: 119member
    Isn't #8 what Notes is for?
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    22: Cut & Paste

    23: Two-way syncing of Notes
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    Originally Posted by Ste View Post

    Isn't #8 what Notes is for?

    I would like a formal To Do list that syncs with my home computer. The To Do list should have a checkbox beside each item to be checked when completed. This is different than Notes.
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    Originally Posted by southerndoc View Post

    I would like a formal To Do list that syncs with my home computer. The To Do list should have a checkbox beside each item to be checked when completed. This is different than Notes.

    Since the upcoming Leopard OSX incorporates ToDo functionality in iCal, I am guessing that will also be coming to the iPhone shortly thereafter...
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    northgatenorthgate Posts: 4,461member
    Copy & Paste!

    And a real text messenger.
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    A reminder beep/vibration for missed calls and text messages!!! I don't know how many times I've looked at my phone to see 3 missed calls, a voicemail, and a text - or something of that sort! Not everyone hears/feels their phone when it rings.
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    surfratsurfrat Posts: 341member
    24. Some sort of shortcut to turn Bluetooth on and off. Too many steps as it is.
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