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I have been so blessed as to receive a brand new HDTV set-top-box free of charge from my TV service provider. But my situation is I have not got a television capable of high definition..

So my question is: could I use the HDMI connector on the back of my 24" iMac as a HDMI input device (STB feeding the iMac with A/V)? If so, what software would I need?

Thanks in advance.


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    filburtfilburt Posts: 398member
    iMac does not have HDMI input. It has DVI output.
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    bg_nycbg_nyc Posts: 189member
    Check out EyeTV. Basically a TV tuner USB attachment. But there are some interesting things you can do with it. But i dont think there is HDMI support.
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    davegeedavegee Posts: 2,765member
    I know exactly what the OP is thinking and YES YES YES this WOULD have been a GREAT feature for the new iMac.... too bad Apple didn't think so...

    The iMac has a great HD capable display and given the space limitations many people often deal with - dorms - studio apartments - etc having a 24" iMac (dreaming 30" iMac) with an additional HDMI input would be just the thing for the iMac to serve double duty as a computer and HDTV... as for 'complexities' I could see it working as follows....

    - Turn on iMac and it's an iMac

    Have a simple menu-bar icon that would allow you to switch from computer display to TV display. if you wanted to get really fancy it could do some form of 'signal detection' so when you powered on your cable box it auto switched for you **or** really really fancy, would even signal detect when the iMac was in the off mode and simply power on the screen (no iMac boot at all) and then power off the display when you powered off the cable box (and thus turned off the signal going to the iMacs HDMI port).

    Yea I would have LOVED to see that happen but no dice....

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