Calendar editing coming to Touch!

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According to a macrumors forum poster who has provided proof he got a reply when he emailed Jobs about the lack of calendar editing.

I'm seriously pleased because I twice cancelled my order before buckling and picking up a touch on the weekend.

If you don't believe the email don't bother sending a flurry of emails to Steve asking the same thing, just keep the pressure up:


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    reganregan Posts: 474member
    Yeah, I heard about this. I also read an interview with Steve Jobs where he said that "FLASH" may be available in future software updates......which would be awesome. So many internet sites I like use flash.

    Other than that, the only thing I wish the ipod touch had was a camera. Then you could shoot your own videos and load them up to youtube. That'd be cool. Oh well...gonna have to wait for that.

    I plan to get the 8 gig version. I figure why spend more money on the 16 gig? I already have an old 60 gig ipod to hold all my music. I mainly plan to use the ipod touch for surfing the web and carrying around enough music/video for short trips.

    Someday when flash prices drop, they will come out with a 100 gig version...but for now...8 is fine for my purpose.
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