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Hi. Im totally new here and did a deep search to answer all of my questions but couldn't seem to find all the answers.

Ok. I am running the latest version of Itunes on windows XP pro sp2 (don't hurt me! ). I have a Ipod 5.0 gen 60GB. I have about 50GB of music.

I am getting some new hardware so I will be completely restructuring my HDD/partition layout. My MP3's will be on a different disk/partition. My Itunes will be installed on a separate one, etc.

What I am trying to accomplish, in this migration, is absolutely no changes/interruptions to the way my current music library is setup. All of the following are very important to me and I want to retain everything:

-All of my playlists

-All of my ratings

-All of my checked/unchecked box selections (this is how I determine what syncs to my ipod)

-All of my playcounts for each song

-All of my album artwork

-All of my last played timestamps (this one's not a biggie but it would be nice)

I know some of you are probably thinking im crazy/picky but I don't care . I am a big music nerd (if you couldn't tell).

Now I'm a network engineer for a living so I am not computer illiterate by any means .

Are all of the items I listed above simply in the My Music\\Itunes Folder?

I guess what I am looking for is a step-by-step solution on what I need to do in order for this migration to by successful.

Example: install itunes, import music, THEN copy the old itunes folder over?

This is stuff I want to make clear. I figured more computer itunes/computer savvy people would be on this forum versus the apple discussion forums .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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