Saving Cropped Photos

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This is surely the most simple question I have asked on this great board. I crop a photo in iPhoto, and cannot figure out how to save the result. "Done" does not save it, and there is no Save.

I have wasted too much time on this and really fault Apple on this. The iPhoto Help has been no Help. I just cannot see how to do this.


Henry Ledgard


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    I don't use iPhoto so I'm hazzarding a guess. Is there a "save as" choice in the file menu?
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    after you have selected the area that you want to crop to, just hit the crop button again.
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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    That, or try navigating to the next photo, which should save the changes.
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    Yup, this is it. Select the area who want to keep (manually or with the presets, hit the "crop" button, click "done" or otherwise move onto something else in iPhoto and you will see a save progress bar toward the top of the screen. Good luck.
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    Hot Dog, that did it !

    Thanks all ! ! !
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