A Forum area for Other Os's ?

in Feedback edited January 2014
Other Os's on Mac ...(or otherwise).... could do with an area all of their own as part of Appleinsider.

I can't say exactly how many others are running multiple Os's, but I am using the Big 3.




One day, I even hope to run all three from my Mac.

Given, (naturally) that there is a sub-forum dedicated to all matters OS-X; I can't help but think that another forum area for alternate Os's users might be appropriate.

The way I envisage it, such a forum would be a great place for those of us who use multiple OS's in our daily life...to share our experiences and imformation.

It could also be a forum for those non Mac users, who are more familiar with Windows and Linux boxes and who also want to migrate their current OS's into a nice new Powermac or Mac Laptop etc, to see what's on offer and how easy (or otherwise) such migrations may be.

Apple is clearly taking Os migration seriously...as are a growing band of Linux Distro producers like Mepis...etc.

So a specific forum that covers Other OS's (whether on a Mac or otherwise) would be most useful.

I don't know if anyone else would back up this idea, but I think it has merit.




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