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Hey guys, I just got a new iPod Touch to keep me going until the iPhone is released. I am going on holiday next week and I won't have a computer on me so I need to be able to charge it via a socket (and preferably the car too).

Are there any chargers out there that support the touch?



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    nevenneven Posts: 54member
    Technically, all iPod chargers will charge all iPods pretty much. I've been using a bunch of different iPod chargers I have around the house with my iPhone and I haven't had any problems.
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    glossgloss Posts: 506member
    Any charger with a dock connector works.
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    Cool, good to know.

    I saw the iPod Power Adaptor for £19 (about $38) but there are quite a few kicking around for just £5, minus the Apple logo of course
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    Originally Posted by gloss View Post

    Any charger with a dock connector works.

    If connected directly to the iPod touch or through an old dock. Using the recently released universal dock no iPod will charge if the charger is connected using a Firewire/dock connector cable.
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    Thanks for all your help guys. I picked up the official iPod power adaptor today and it works a treat!!
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