Configuring WIFI @ Villanova on an iPhone

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I have no idea how to configure my iPhone to work on the WIFI network at my school, Villanova. It works fine on my MBP when i follow the instructions listed here:

I know i need to put in my school username/password, i just don't know how/where to configure it. Could someone take a look at that link and see if they could translate it to configuring the iPhone??? Thanks for the help.



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    smaxsmax Posts: 361member
    The iPhone and iPod Touch don't support 802.1X.... You're SOL there.
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    We at UPenn are also in the same boat, and a few of the bigwigs are scheduled to go out to Cupertino to talk to Apple about the iPhone in the Enterprise. So at some point this will probably make it into a software update.

    I actually was in the odd position of having a contact on the iPhone team that was working on the network stack. He told me that it had made it on the white-boards, but had not been assigned any engineering time. That was back before the release.
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