powerbook battery question

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sorry if this should be in the OS section..I am not sure where it falls. I am sure this was asked or discussed awhile back but I couldn't find anything about it with search

My powerbook 867Mhz g4 will automatically shut down when the battery power get to about 23% and lately has been getting worse..just a second ago it shut down at 33%. It doesn't completely shut down ..all I need to do is plug it in and hit the start button and it comes back to life but then shows the battery power at 0%

I am using tiger 10.4.9

Is this a known issue?..is it battery or OS




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    pevepeve Posts: 518member
    sounds like a defective battery (damaged cells).

    your powerbook should first bring up a message that the power is low and go to sleep once the power is to low to operate the display and drives.

    my edvice: buy a new battery
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    climberclimber Posts: 130member
    thanks peve..I have an extra one so I will give that a try..its a pretty old used system so I wasn't sure if it was age related

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