Parallels vs. VMware's Fusion

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Thoughts anyone.

It looks like Fusion has better features. But Fusion's help support doesn't look so good.

I just tried to contact VMware to ask a question about Fusion. Get this; VMware has free phone support for some of their products but not for Fussion. For Fussion they have only have email support from costs $24.99. That's right; you have to pay for email support for Fussion while some of their other products have free phone support. What the heck???

Does anyone think that Parallels offers better features than Fussion? If so, how are they better. All the reviews I read seem to indicate that Fusion is better. It's hard to for me to get over, having to pay 24.99 to email if I have a question using it.

Thoughts anyone.


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    I use Parallels on a 24" iMac and have not had any problems with it. The updates that come seem to upgrade without issues when I have called them it has not been a problem and the documentation with the product is good.

    I have also seen the same reviews for VMware where they say it is better. But I have also seen that many people have needed help getting it setup right also. Parallels is painless to setup.

    I used to use Windows for everything but after moving to the iMac I almost never use Windows anymore. But because on my Job I have to be able to run it for work and I have found that Parallels meets this need very well.

    I hope that helps.
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