Numbers is being super lame again

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Ok, so I've got a chart made from percentages. Of course, Numbers can't figure that out and it won't let me change it's Y-Axis. I want the Y-Axis to go up from 0% to 100%. It will only let me go from 0 to 1. For instance: a bar that represents 25% goes up to the 0.25 label on the Y-Axis.

Sorry, but this is unacceptable. It just doesn't make any sense. I realize that .25 is the same as 25%, but I have other graphs in this project that show "numbers of points" so this would make this visually confusing to have the same scale, but representing different numbers.

How do I change this?


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    Uhm.... make some new columns that multiply your data by 100 and plot those?

    Edit: OK. that was too fast, opened up numbers in the mean time and see what you mena now. Well yeah, that does kind of suck. Apparantly numebers treats percentages internally as a fraction between 0 and 1. That's all right, bu when showing it in a graph it should show those same data with an axis of values between 0 and 100 %
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    Try this:

    Click on your Y-axis and open the inspector. In the Value Axis Format boxes put 0.0 100.0 #steps and choose the % sign in the suffix field just below. That will format the axis the way you want.

    Rube Goldberg and needs to be fixed so you can choose those as defaults with a single click, but at least it is possible to get the display you want.
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