Unable to install FInal Cut Studio 2

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I had the previous version of FInal Cut Studio and just purchased Final Cut Studio 2. I chose to uninstall Final Cut Studio first by dragging all the studio programs to the Trash figuring I didn't want to chance having two versions of Final Cut Studio on my computer.

I then went in to install Final Cut Studio 2. It allowed me to install the items such as Motion Content, LiveType, Audio Content, Studio Pro, etc. The option for selecting Final Cut Pro was greyed out and said skip. I don't know why but it's like it already thought it was on there and would just upgrade it. I tried it several times but always had this same set of options.

I went on then and did an install of Final Cut Studio hoping that when it came to installing it would actually work right. Well it installed all the supporting programs but not Final Cut Pro. How can I properly install the whole suite?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,219moderator
    You can try checking if there's a Final Cut Pro receipt in /Library/Receipts and delete it.

    I've installed FCS2 on a clean machine and it went ok so maybe there's stuff elsewhere that needs removed. Often it's stuff in /Library/Application Support.
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