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Im new here, so I hope i posted this in the right area. I have boot camp on my mac with WinXP installed. Ran perfectly until everything weirded out on me. My anti virus program wouldn't scan, just sort of ignored my input. I decided to restart the system and the shutdown screen was different, and when i booted it back up, it froze right before the login screen was supposed to appear, and showed window's stupid "trademark" of a flying window.

Its not a big deal, bcause i am getting leopard in 9 days give or take and will have to re-install everyting anyways. BUt it would be really nice if I could get this working again.

Anyone have any ideas? also, I only just recently installed VMware Fusion, (its like running boot camp in a separate window.....kinda like parallels) ....kind of). Windows also gave me an alert saying that i had to re-regiser windows within 3 days because of a hardware change. Uhh, that would be great if anyone can help this dude out.



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    Sounds like Windows is fuxXored. If you don't have meaningful data on your Windows partition, just re-install from scratch. Your bootcamp partition, BTW, is seperate from your Mac one, so it will go untouched after a new install of Leopard. AFA the supposed hardware change, Windows is on crack. A reinstall will set things right.

    BTW, XP Professional doesn't, IIRC, require registration. It can be found "online" for pretty "cheap." Because VMware is multi-processor aware*, and XP Pro is multiprocessor aware, you might find a speedup in running XP Pro over Home or Whatever editions.

    *As set in your VMWare prefs.
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