Help W/External Drives Please

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I have two external drives:

1) Western Digital 160GB My Book

2) Western Digital 120 GB Passport Drive

I used both of these on my P.C. previous to purchasing my iMac. Now the P.C. is gone and I tried to write to my passport and it told me that I do not have access. So I went to the details and it said that I have "Read Only Permissions" with no option to change. So I went to my My Book to see if the same thing was going to happen there, and it is. So I took my Passport and hooked it up to my work P.C. and went into "properties" -> "security" and changed the permissions to full control for "Everyone." Took it home and still no luck. I am really going to be upset if I cannot use both my external drives w/my iMac. If someone has any ideas please let me know.


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    I am guessing they are formatted in NTFS (run Disk Utility to check). Mac OS X can read but not write to NTFS partitions. If these disks do not need to be read from PCs, copy all the files to a Mac first (or some other disk) then format them in HFS+. If you need PC compatiblity, format them in FAT32 or purchase MacDrive (HFS+ for Windows).
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