iPod Touch Skipping Videos

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Just picked up an iPod Touch from my local Apple store the other day. I bought some software online and decided to convert some music videos, haven't had problems with that so far. However, I converted Any Given Sunday to watch while I was "in class" and I noticed very so offten the audio and video would stop, than catch back up within a few seconds. The movie itself is almost 2 1/4 hours. It took me over three hours to convert the movie. The problem I'm facing isn't THAT bad.... but I just wanted to see if anyone else is having these problems.

--Has anyone heard any updates to the poor screen quality in the iPod Touches? Have they resolved the problem?


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    ive never experienced the problems you are describing and ive used my touch a lot.

    perhaps you should look into converting your movie another way.

    i convert using a free application, and it doesnt take me nearly as long for one movie - and i dont have the skipping or audio problems either.

    my screen quality is also amazing too -no problems with mine.
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