battery health dropped dramatically

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Ok, I'm pretty nervous about this. I have a relatively new MBP (1 year). The battery has 139 cycles on it. Some time ago I installed some new firmware for the battery and the health dropped immediately to 80% (from like 97%), recently it dropped again quite suddenly to 50%. I can't believe that a battery can be only at 50% health after only 130 cycles. Is it the firmware that I installed? Does anyone else have this problem? What's going on?

I have the 2.33 ghz C2D MBP w/2gb ram.


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    Hmmm... get that checked out. Did you buy the AppleCare plan? If you've only had your MBP for just under a year (you didn't specify exactly), buy AppleCare. I do, however, believe hearing recently about the battery warranties being extended to like 3 years. Call up Apple anyways.
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    Well I bought my MBP in mid november last year, so it's still under the basic warranty, and I haven't bought apple care yet. Still deciding if it's a good idea.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I guess I just better go to an apple center.
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