Leopard won't be installed on new computers any soon - Should I still wait?

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A few hours ago, I called Apple's customer service at the country I live in and I was told that even after 26.10 - Leopard won't be pre-installed on newly purchased Macs. That is because new shipments of Macs with the pre-installation of Leopard have to arrive to my country for that. The Apple guy on the phone said it will take about a month for the Leopard Macs to arrive.

In short - I'm sick of waiting. I've been waiting for Leopard for ages. I'm tired of my old computer and I really want to buy a new iMac. I know if I buy an iMac now, I would just have to pay that $10 upgrade fee to get a Leopard CD once it arrives at my country.

My question to you is:

Apart of that $10 fee, do you think there's another reason why I should wait for Leopard? I will note that I'm a new Mac user. This new iMac would be my first Mac system and the first time I fully use OS X.

Any replies would be appreciated!



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    nevenneven Posts: 54member
    Where do you live? In the US, new Macs won't have Leopard pre-installed for a while, but you'll get a Leopard DVD with your new Mac (for free). Is there an official Leopard release date in your country?

    It's hard to say whether Leopard is a "must" at this point. Mac users do tend to like their latest OS releases, though. If I had to guess, I'd say you'd definitely want to upgrade to Leopard soon, and if you can get it for $10, get it!

    As you get comfortable with your Mac you'll learn that $10 is peanuts. You'll be treating your new baby to much pricier toys
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    lirandlirand Posts: 174member
    I live in Israel. I was told that I won't recieve a free Leopard DVD with my machine, but would only be offered the $10 upgrade option...

    $10 is nothing but my time is more precious... the question is if there's any more to waiting for a pre-installed Leopard, than just saving $10...
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    rokkenrokken Posts: 236member
    If you are really tired of my old computer and I really want to buy a new iMac, go get it now. Time>$10
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