Buying Leopard? Forget Macmall

in macOS edited January 2014
Just a heads-up for anyone who might consider ordering Leopard through MacMall. Their webpage says (still, as of right this minute), that you can "Order today for delivery on Oct. 26." I ordered it last week, as soon as I read the post on the front page about the $189 Family pack there, and three days later they sent me an e-mail telling me it's back ordered. I went back and forth with the guy about whether it was a quirk with their system with the item being as yet unreleased, or if it's actually not going to be available. I finally got an answer this morning that "you will not have the item in your hand on Oct 26." So I'm cancelling my order, and cautioning anyone else who wants to have Leopard on Friday.

Update: Well, the guy told me he'd waive shipping if it didn't arrive on Friday (I paid for the FedEx overnight shipping), so I'm probably going to watch and see if it gets shipped out on Thursday. If it doesn't, I'll probably take my chances at the Apple Store, and then cancel the order. Thought it would be fair to mention this, considering what I wrote above.

And I just realized there's a "buying help" forum, so maybe this should have gone there... oops

Update: Apparently, they're shipping it. I hope everyone who ordered got theirs as well. I wouldn't have said anything in the first place, though, if the CS guy had been informed properly.
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