ruin a ipod battery

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how would ruin a ipod mini battery without somebody like bestbuy figuring it out


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    you want to intentionally ruin an ipod battery... presumambly so that BestBuy couldn't tell it was intentional when you return it to them???

    The information you need is in the Dictionary... look it up under F-R-A-U-D .
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    Oh, You could use it every day for a few years, eventually the capacity will die. And why would Best Buy care what you do to your iPod Mini? The minis haven't been sold for years, so no warranty anywhere covers it. This is one fraud that won't work. I mean, BuyMeAMac even has some chance of succeeding, you have none.
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    Originally Posted by JakeTheRock View Post

    ...The minis haven't been sold for years...

    Oh snap!... that ruins my whole little snide comment !!
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