Mac book future owner needs direction

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Hey all. New user here and would like some advice. I am looking into buying a mac book in the next couple weeks and I was reading around the forums and saw talk of a overhaul of the laptops from apple.

Are the mac books going to be in this changup and when would it happen? Should I wait to buy or just go all in. Would they make it that much faster? anyways just worried about blowing 1,300 bucks and then being disappointed right after my purchase. I know for sure im waiting till leopard gets on the systems.

Im sorry if somone has asked this already and im sorry it took me 26 years to make it to the mac side lol.


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    Hi there, and welcome. Small chance of new Macbooks before Nov 15, if not out by then, I don't think they will be out before MacWorld in January.

    I really think if Apple was going to release new hardware it would have been this week to ship with Leopard.

    If you want to save some bones and not feel like you lost out if you buy one now... take a look at the refurb section of the apple store online.. some great deals, and still with full 1 year warranty... Just make sure they qualify for leopard upgrades if you buy before Fri. As well, if you don't see the model you want today, wait a few, the refresh often.
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