Geforce 8800GT benchmarks out!

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Of interest to gamers and those curious of PC industry progress.

Though the card is not official and public yet, first detailed benchmark results are in.

To give folks an idea of the significance of this, the graphics card market has been absolutely stale for a long time. At the high end, there have been cards at approximately $400 and $300 price points, but no good $200 card, which have traditionally been the best value for a gamer. The new card is rumoured to come in at $250 with 512MB VRAM. The benchmarks show it should fall in between the current $550 very high end and $400 cards of today in performance.

The current information also points to a $200 model with 256MB VRAM, which should be perfect for those with smaller screens.

Furthermore, due to new process technology it should run with a lot less power than the old one, and still allowed to run hotter by default than the old cards. Sounds like it's likely to be more quiet.

I for one am a potential buyer for the 512MB version. It would have enough power to finally put my display fully to use.
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