.Mac Improvements Over The Last Year

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.Mac Improvements


New Preference panel organization and options

Multiple account access

POP3 compatibility

File attachment size bumped up to a 20MB capacity (previously 10MB capacity)

Notes viewing *

Images from unknown sources are not loaded unless you allow it

Quick Reply feature

Support for signatures (I THINK this was introduced with that big webmail upgrade 11 months ago)

Message previews

Message flagging

Junk mail filtering

New Address Book button in compose window for comprehensive method of adding addresses

New Address Book search field for unique method of searching and/or addressing

Drag-and-drop filing

Drag-and-drop attachments

Choose between large or small mailbox icons

Choose between two-pane or three-pane viewing

Enable a separate message viewing pane

Keyboard shortcuts

Save As Draft now possible

Drafts folder holds drafts from any location with IMAP server

Junk folder holds junk from any location with IMAP server

Uses AJAX to mirror desktop Mail.app for a welcome familiarity and easy access

Provides for an end to end email solution

Address Book

Revamped list view

New graphical card view

Keyboard shortcuts

Edit every available field of contacts right from .Mac

Email button on contacts page to directly email that person

Based on vCard and hCard structuring

Possibly two-way syncing to be made available with Leopard based on the list of options I was presented with last Friday (Sync, Overwrite desktop Mac, Overwrite .Mac — they were probably not expecting me to sink at that late Friday night hour) *


Now has virtually unlimited storage capacity (previously each group limited to 100MB)

New members no longer need to have a .Mac ID

New Address Book selection in the "Invite New Members" screen for comprehensive method of adding addresses


.Mac Sync is now completely separated and distinct from iSync providing for a more sure and capable syncing process *

Sync Dashboard Widget settings *

Sync Dock items *

Sync Application preferences *

Sync System preferences *

Web Gallery

Automatic photo album organizing

Unique album skimming

More accessible and useful photo sharing complement to Photocasting

Share photos that adjust their size automatically to fit any browser

Share movies in multiple size formats

Allows for gallery contributions via a web browser or email

Gallery contributions from others are synced back to your own iPhoto library

Selectable viewing options directly on viewing page

Responsive to mobile photo uploading with iPhone

High-resolution copies of photos can be automatically uploaded as a ZIP file and made available for downloading and printing

Back To My Mac

File Sharing over the internet (Leopard itself only allows for this functionality over LANs) *

Screen Sharing and Remote Control over the internet (Leopard itself only allows for this functionality over LANs) *


Total storage capacity increased to 10GB (previously only 1GB)

File size capacity increased to 2GB (previously less than 1GB)

Data transfer limit increased to 100 GB per month

Desktop access speed increase *


Storage upgrade options have been increased to now offer an additional 10GB and 20GB (totaling 20GB and 30 GB).

Data transfer limits have been increased to an additional 100GB and 200GB per month respectively (totaling 200GB and 300GB respectively).

Personal Domain Name

Supports domain name redirecting for your own unique custom URL

* Improvement only seen when utilizing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Lots of value added recently. Any additions or corrections?

What could be up next...

Syncing of contact photos, Notes field and Custom field labels in Address Book?

Seamless syncing of identical iPhone functionality to .Mac?

Editing iCal calendars online through .Mac?

New .Mac Development Kit to be released?

New applications built to utilize Back To My Mac functionality? Maybe similar functionality to that of iChat: like TextMate collaborations online with one user hosting through .Mac and allowing others to contribute/work on the same document, etc.?

Any ideas to add?


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    And there's still no way to view and edit your iCal calendars online.
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    rongoldrongold Posts: 302member
    I've added to the original post the possibility of limited two-way syncing of the Address Book of a Mac and the .Mac service. I saw evidence of this last Friday when presented with a pop-up selection giving 3 options. We shall soon see.



    Automator 2.0 provides a distant feature added to .Mac by having a couple .Mac specific Library items to choose from for automating. *

    RSS Reader is an iPhone exclusive application that I forgot to mention. It is offered through the .Mac services (http://reader.mac.com). Though you do not need to subscribe to .Mac to use this particular service, I would expect more iPhone tie-ins to .Mac in the very near future.

    Backup 3.1.2 now adds Leopard compatibility as well as support for iWork '08.

    * Again, an improvement only seen when utilizing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    [QUOTE=rongold;1162285].Mac Improvements

    Notes viewing *

    Is this true? I am running Leopard and have just fired up the webmail and it still looks the same. Should there be a new notes field?
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