Mac Pro - 32 GB Memory?

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I was just pricing memory for my mac Pro over at crucial where something very odd caught my eye.

They are selling an 8 GB upgrade kit---2 x 4GB sticks. I didn't think that the MacPro could handle bigger than a 2GB stick, but they are claiming you could max out the Pro at 32 GB (8 x 4GBs).

Mind you this would cost approx $6,800. There is no mention of 4GB support on the apple site, and you can "only" configure the Pro at 16 GB on the store.

Is this really true? (It would be like being able to now use the 1TB internal drives for a max of 4TB of storage, rather than the 4x750GB/3TB storage that was initially claimed when the Pro debuted.)


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    mcarlingmcarling Posts: 1,106member
    You might want to check whether or not the chipset used supports 32GB (configured 8x4GB). If it doesn't then the answer is clearly no. If it does, then the answer is maybe.
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    seek3rseek3r Posts: 179member
    Otherworld is selling 32gb kits too. The chipset (5000x) supports it, and while I haven't seen it in action on a Mac Pro, I doubt crucial and otherworld would sell it if OSX couldn't use it.

    EDIT: lowendmac says 32GB too, just for some confirmation.

    "RAM: 1 GB, expandable to 32 GB using pairs of 667 MHz DDR2 fully buffered (FB-DIMM) ECC RAM in 8 slots"
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    The Mac Pro can handle it as their XServe Line allows you to do a BTO with 32GB of RAM. They both use the same architecture and processors. I am not sure why Apple did not give it an option to the end user on the Mac Pro as well. And once you load that with Leopard and get to experience the true 64-bit goodness, you'll wonder how you ever went without it.
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    The current Mac Pro has support for 32GB ram.
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