Macs Purchased After October 26 To Include Leopard?

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I've been waiting to buy a Mac for some time, since the beginning of this year, in fact.

First I waited until new iMacs were released. Now I'm waiting for Leopard.

This Friday I'm going to take the plunge.

But will new Macs come with Leopard?

I can't get a consistent answer from 1-800-My-Apple.

Leopard won't be pre-installed (how could it?) but will it be included in the box? If so, will it be an upgrade disc (requiring a previous installation) or a full install? One rep said that all Macs ordered after October 24 would include a full Leopard in the box. Another said that even on the 26th those wanting 10.5 would need to purchase the up-to-date program, and that it would be an upgrade, not the full disc.

Can anyone shed light on this?


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    nevenneven Posts: 54member
    If it's anything like what the local store did with Tiger, it will go this way:

    None of their computers on the 26th will have it preinstalled yet. That'll take a few days. Those who buy a new Mac on the 26th (even before 6 pm) will get a "drop-in kit", i.e. a Leopard disc.

    I don't think there's such a thing as an "upgrade disc". They might be doing it for Leopard, but I really doubt it. It's just much simpler and cheaper to give you a standard Leopard DVD, or a Leopard-based restore disc (with iLife etc.)

    All of this could change this time around, but I really doubt it. In any case, talk nicely to your local store manager and they'll take care of you. Good luck!
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    It sounds they are saying they'll sell you a Mac with Tiger Installed, but the installation disc set that they give you with your Mac will be of Leopard. I would think if you buy it from the Apple store online Leopard will be installed, and you'll get your disks. I have a feeling Apple is updating all their Mac's with it now, and will send out any new Mac's in one or two days, but that's just how I would do it.
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