External Drives Slowing down everything

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I bought 2 USB 2.0 exernal drives, 500gb each, to make a RAID 1 array. I already have a 250gb internal and a 250gb external FW drive and have have no problems to this point. As soon I plugged them in and formatted them, everything slowed way down - especially file operations in Finder. Basically, if I click on a file to get info or empty trash etc, the globe spins and spins and spins and spins, and then finally does what I asked it to do. Like minutes later. I ejected the drives, and voila everything speeds up again.

What gives? I don't have a problem with just using them for backups and turning them off when I'm not doing backups, but the speed thing makes backing up a total pain in the ass?

Also, I've been been meaning to ask this - should I crack my 250fw drive open and install it internally?

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