Organinzing Music folder with Itunes Library

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Hey, this is my first post to these forums, although I've been reading them alot lately. It seems like a great community. Anyways, I am trying to organize my music a little bit more. I love the way importing music into itunes adds it to the organized "itunes music" folder. But I am trying to find out where the extra 15 GB of stuff is. I have 25 GB (uh oh, looks like i'm going to have to upgrade my 30Gb 5th gen ipod soon. how depressing ) of music in my iTunes Library, and 39 Gb of stuff in my "itunes music" folder. Is there anyway I could find out what is going on with this without manually doing it? I dont think I need anything thats in my music folder thats not in my itunes, but it'd be nice to know what this stuff is.

thanks in advance for your help.


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    Have you downloaded any music or movies from the iTunes Store? Also, podcasts are downloaded directly to the iTunes Music folder. It also keeps your artwork there, but that doesn't take up gigs of space.
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    Thankyou, it was my 13GB season 3 of lost that added all of that. I wouldnt have thought apple would put videos into the music folder, but I guess I was wrong.

    Thanks Teedoff!
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