Manage 10.5 clients from 10.4

in macOS edited January 2014
Does anyone know/have a good guess about how much of a 10.5 client will be manageable from 10.4 server? I have no plans to throw leopard server into production use right out of the gate, so 10.4.10 server will be managing preferences and authentication for some testbed 10.5 clients. The 10.5 Server manuals are pretty explicit about saying 10.5 server will manage services and preferences for older clients, as old as 10.3.9, but I can't find any mention of the other way around.. It makes sense that management of 10.5 features that don't exist in 10.4 won't work from 10.4, but what about the common ground? I'm in an education environment so preference lockdown is particularly important. Anyone have any ideas?
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