Delayed iMac Shipment

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Hey, i ordered a 20inch iMac on the 18th of October. I needed it soon-ish and figured it'd just do the Leopard up-to-date thing when it came out. I customed the order and so it wasn't going to be shipped until 23-25th of october and then delivered on 1-5th of november.

i've just checked and the shipping has been put back to the 30 october/ 1st november. do you think that this is because Leopard will come pre-installed on it, or is this just a coincidence?


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    rokkenrokken Posts: 236member
    It happens to me, too. I ordered it on the 17th and due shipped by 23rd. The status has been "Prepared for Shipment" for like 4 days and nothing changed. I called the Apple Customer Support, but she didn't know either so it seems all I can do now is to wait.


    Just half an hour later I posted, the status changed to "Shipped on: Oct 25, 2007" so good luck ad4m.phillips
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    jammy git !!

    i've just got an email saying that they're experiencing higher demand than expected, sorry bla bla. ravin
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    I ordered mine on the 15th and I'm still waiting!
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    I'll order an iMac with Leopard and i need to do it online. What store ships to adresses overseas or APO/FPO? The Apple Store does, but it's not that easy and it takes a long time even within the U.S. Amazon ships Apple products only within the U.S. I'd loved to have their 100$ Rebate, but that doesn't seem to work out either... Anyone got a better online shop?
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