slow connection using belkin wireless router

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi there, I have been successfully using a speedtouch external broadband modem with no problems but now I have attempted to utilise a wireless connection with a belkin router (model F5D7633-4) the connection speed is a crawl (4 mins plus to access a site!). Belkin's tech team say all settings are OK and if its connecting the router is working. My service supplier confirms the telephone line is good and there are no faults their end. I have asked Apple tech. people for help but all they could suggest was to speed up the machine function by deleting the cache, cookies etc. - that did nothing to increase the speed. I have reverted to my Speedtouch modem and once again connection times are good but I would like the convenience of a usable wireless connection. Has anyone met this problem before and can offer a solution. Many thanks, Mick
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