Scanning to PDF messed up

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm got an HP PSC 1610 printer/scanner that I often use to scan to PDF.

I upgraded to Adobe Reader 8 then realised not long ago I still had Reader 7.0.5 as well, so trashed it. Now when I go to scan to PDF, I get a message saying 'Adobe Reader could not be found'. \

Is this an issue with the printer, drivers, or do I need to change some Adobe Reader settings for it to work with version 8?

I've tried to look for printer and Adobe options but haven't found anything that looks like it could solve it. (and yes, I had emptied the trash before I realised I had this problem )

As a last resort I could re-install 7.0.5 but I'd rather get this working. Any ideas? Thanks.
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