beyond OS X

in macOS edited January 2014
Okay, I just saw a thread on OS X 10.6 (should be named Ocelot, imo) but I had originally intended this to be it's own thread, and so I have created it.

I was just watching the introduction of Mac OS X back in like 2000 or 1999 or whenever. Jobs said that OS X would be the OS platform for "the next decade." well, that got me wondering: what is the next iteration of Mac OS going to be like?

well, for one, it's going to be touch-sensitive with multitouch displays leading the way (no, we will not see this in OS X anytime soon, I believe). the GUI will be different, I believe, as will be the way we interact with our computers. Personally, I envision it something like Microsoft's Surface, which is truly the future of personal computing (give it time). regarding keyboards, I really do think that Apple is going to implement the software keyboards into their new OS, whenever it may be released.

anyway, those are some of my ideas (which are based on Apple's current state right now). yours?
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