Has Anybody Gotten It Yet

in macOS edited January 2014
I was expecting mine to come before 10:30 then when I tracked it...I saw a message that said Delivery Exception and I should expect to see it around by 3:00pm

I as just wondering if anybody else got this message?


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    I got a similar message. My exception says until 6:00PM. I wonder if Apple is requesting that these shipments get held up for a few hours? I believe Leopard is not going on sale until tonight in Retail Stores.
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    I called FedEx and it appears as if Apple did request to have these packages delivered as late as possible. They obivously don't want too many people getting these before the offical launch of 6:00PM. I imagine that most of us will be getting these between 3-7PM. Good Luck to all!!!
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    I 've just received mine in the post from apple. Just about to install.
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