Shared Printers gone?

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I have an HP 7360 attached to a Mac running 10.3.9, set to share that printer. On another computer in the house running Tiger, I could see the printer in Shared Printers. So I upgraded the Tiger computer to Leopard, I don't see the shared printer on the Panther computer. Anyone have a similar problem?


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    I will answer my own question, thanks to Mac help. I should have checked there first.


    If a shared printer doesn?t appear in the printer list, check with the owner. Make sure the printer and the computer are turned on, the computer is running Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and printer sharing is enabled.

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    I have this problem too. I find it really annoying that for no good reason Apple decide to remove compatibility in this way. I have a Mac Mini and MacBook now on Leopard, while my wife has an old slot loading iMac on Panther with a printer connected via USB. Now I cannot print to her printer without physically going to it or sending her a file and asking her to print it.

    I am sure that the decision to not include sharing to Panther Macs was a deliberate one by Apple - whilst they quite happily enable WIndows printing. Aaargh!
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    Okay, I have found a workaround. Similar to working with OS9.

    Go into Printers and Fax preferences pane on the Leopard Machines. Add printer. Select IP and then "Line Printer Daemon - LPD". Find and enter the address of the Panther computer under "Address" (go to network pref.s on the panther machine and find it). Enter the name of the printer under "Queue" (find this from the printer pref.s pane on the Panther machine). Enter whatever you want to call the new printer under "Name" and "Location" and use the "generic postscript printer" option as the "Print Using".

    This should work and then be a selectable printer from now on.

    It was much easier though to just go to "sharing" as you could before under Tiger.....
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    Only drawback to this is my print out seems to always be in black and white and that when I try and select the "proper" driver for the printer (instead of generic postscript) the printing fails.....any other workarounds people have found?

    And please don't say upgrade my wifes OS to Tiger or Leopard as the old iMac has a 800MHz G3, so Tiger will struggle and Leopard is not an option.
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