Using Hotmail and Yahoo in "MAIL"

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if i had an Email account at Hotmail or Yahoo mail, can i use it through Mail?

and i'm talking about the free email addresses.

or do i need to move to a Yahoo mail plus account so i can use this application?

i use yahoo mail, because i have a domain name that i've registered from a different web host, to personalize my email address...

as in [email protected] .. something like that.

is it possible to have that in Gmail?


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    I have accessed my hotmail with a great plugin called httpmail.bundle. However, it is not updated to work with Leopard yet.

    Why not just use your Domain name webserver's mail? Like or

    This is standard behaviour and no Yahoo accounts are needed to do this. obviously supports POP, IMAP and SSL, meaning 99.999% of email servers.
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    *bump* Saud, why don't you?
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    Originally Posted by 1337_5L4Xx0R View Post

    *bump* Saud, why don't you?

    i set it up to work with my gmail today.
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    Originally Posted by Rich-Myster View Post

    i set it up to work with my gmail today.

    As did I, but when I delete a message from my inbox, I want it to archive, not necessarily get deleted. I wish there were any easier way to move messages to the archive without clicking and dragging the message every time.
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