Does the current range make sense?

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I just went to the Applestore UK, and has browse throught the range line just doesn't make sense...I'm not bitching, I absolutely love the new iMac...and think it is just what Apple needs, it is just awesome and will sell in bucket loads...but to me the line up just doesn't make sense.

A better spec for your money on an iMac than you get on the PRO Powermacs. It is absurd. They have obviously know for ages that this would be the case..yet not even a minor revision on the Powermacs. Surely a larger Hd, more RAM, and a G force 3 would have evened out the balance temporarily or even a 'slight' speed bump?

Secondly how on earth can they justify the charge for the iBook? it now has a ridiculously slow chip next to the rest of the range, especially the iMac2! They can't argue that it is because of the LCD or compact design...the iMac is smaller, the iBook also ships with less RAM, and less attractive optical drives! This is madness. And as for the 14 inch screen word....WHY? why upgrade the whole range? this just confuses the issue.

The Tibook, a suposedy PRO machine is now *much* less powerful than even the base model consumer iMac yet in the UK nearly £800 approx more expensive... This is surely madness.

IMHO Apple should have ditched the usual iDVD, FCP, and iTunes demos and got some decent PRO hardware out....even if it wouldn't ship immediately....are there going to be many iMacs out before April? I doubt it.

Also what has Motorola been doing for the last year? I would just love to know....not one new processor announced.

Anyway this has turned into abit of rant, which I vowed i wouldn't do because the iMac is just SO awesome...No I'm not going to PCs and threatening to buy AMD and I NEVER will, but, being a graphics pro I do feel more than alittle let down....

And as for a 'non mac' consumer looking at the Apple store range, it is all more than abit jumbled...


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    I'd say the range is currently out of whack in favor of the consumer lines. The Powermacs don't have much on the iMacs, and the TiBook doesn't have much on the iBook, especially if price is any kind of consideration at all.
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