SuperDuper! 2.1.4 & Leopard

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Well, I bit the bullet and installed Leopard this weekend and it's working pretty well, so far. It's not as fluid as Tiger (on a dual 2.7GHz G5 Tower w/3GB memory), but its new functionality is pretty impressive. I've gotten all my major stuff working, with the exception of Adobe CS3, which I'll discuss later when I get it working.

The other major piece is that I will continue to use SuperDuper! to make a nightly bootable backup of my startup volumes and ordinary backups of my data volumes. That said, I noted a problem with SuperDuper! this morning.

To get CS3 working, I'm going to have to reinstall it on a Tiger volume (and migrate it to Leopard) because I simply can't get the installer to successfully install the shared components it needs when installing in Leopard. Thus, this morning I booted up to a small Tiger utilities startup partition that I had backed up using SuperDuper! from Leopard yesterday and found that my Desktop environment was gone. The volume booted, and it appears that most of the stuff is OK, but the Desktop is simply in a default status.

I then checked out the SuperDuper! web site and they acknowledged that they've noted some issues with Leopard, and that a free update will be forthcoming.

To get the damaged Desktop restored, I simply rebooted from my old Tiger partition, and reran SuperDuper! from there to re-perform the Smart update. That only took about 3 minutes, and all is well again.

So, heads up...


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    Been out of town for a week but was able to pick up a copy of Leopard in Maui anyway. Installed on my MBP fine in 45 minutes, I was about to start the installation when you mentioned the SD problem. That sucks because I use it on my home computer (24" iMac Black Apple).

    Thanks for the heads up on that and I hope SD gets that update out soon because I really like Leopard.
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