Bootcamp and A Different Windows Install Question

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I have a new Imac and will soon install Leopard

I have in my office 2 Dell PCs that came with Win XP Home which were installed and activated, but are no longer used at all since I had to replace XP home with Win XP Pro due to office networking needs.

So, can I use the Dell Win XP Home Disc (which I really, no longer use) to do the install on the Imac and will Microsoft let me activate it? (I suspect I will have to call them.) I can get the Product Key Number off the side of the Dell tower. That would be a nice savings.

One more question, if I can't use my existing disc and have to buy a fresh Windows OS, would I be better off buying XP Home or Vista Basic. My real need to install Win is just to run MS Money and Word Perfect (I have Word on the Imac but all my previous docs are in WP).

Thanks for the suggestions.


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    I'd go with XP, for greater compatibility and speed.

    AFA using your Dell-supplied discs, try it and let us know.
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