Hey so I am having bootcamp troubles (leopard style)

in macOS edited January 2014
I don't know if this is the right area, but I'll post here anyway.

Ok so heres the deal, I have leopard, xp and ubuntu and I want to put them all on my macbook drive (I have 250 gigs). But here's my problem I thought I was so smart and put all my music in a 100 gig fat32 (so I can access it in windows and linux) partition and left about 130 for the rest. Now when I go to instal bootcamp it will only let me restore my "original" image. Now I do have everything backed up, I just don't want to have to transfer it back. Is there anyway to do a live partition or something and make my 130 OS X partition a 100 gigs and make 2 others for xp and Gutsy? Sorry if that is confusing, but I can't seem to find this on google or anything. Thanks in advance!
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