Screen Sharing Scare???

in macOS edited January 2014
Hi Guys,

So on my iMac I saw this a few minutes ago:

The screen sharing logo in my menu bar at top, and then when I clicked on it it says "disconnect IP addresss xxxxxxxxxxx."

Do you think someone was trying to connect to me or something?

Probably just a crazy glitch huh?

I had been using screen share some today, but with my Powerbook on the same network, and the IP address wasn't anything like my network's IP addresses.

Probably just a crazy glitch? I went ahead and turned off screen sharing and restarted. Now I'm leaving it off I guess. ha-ha.


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    shadowshadow Posts: 373member
    My guess: The IP you have seen is the IPv6 provided by Bonjour. I believe the screen sharing was disconnecting the computers you used to try this feature. You can see your IPv6 address in Preferences->Network->TCP/IP.
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