iPhone Developments in Germany Contracts released

in iPhone edited January 2014
Hi Guys

just thought I let you know.

The iPhone contracts have been released in Germany, see here http://www.t-mobile.de/iphone/tarife.jsp

And they are really bad, here some of the BAD Highlights:

1. Minutes and SMS are not being carried over to the next month

2. EDGE is being limited to 64 kbits down and 16kbits up when you reach a specific limit on the different contracts, which are respectively 200 MB, 1GB and 5 GB

3. Once you have used up all your minutes, follow minutes cast 39 cents, and 29 cents for the largest contract, and 19 cents for SMS

4. You HAVE TO pay a "Bereitstellungspreis" service fee, for the 'Paper work' they have to do to offer you the contract. So thats an extra 25 EUR on the 400 EUR your already paying for the iPhone.

So as you can see the T-Mobile offer in Germany is really bad.

I was really excited about the iPhone and I was hoping at least for PayAsYouGo in Germany, which might still come secretly like in the U.S. but I doubt it.

And the sentiment seems to be same from what I have read on German Forums.

People are really disappointed and won't get the iPhone.

Except if their previous contract were more than 100 EUR for their current contracts.

So basically People who have more money than the average guy.

I feel the U.S. contract were quite fair especially with the offer of PayAsYouGo.

But these contract here in Germany are more expensive than anything else here and are really mean as you can see, no carrying over minutes etc.

Well I guess I should highlight the only positive thing about these contracts this is the first time T-mobile offers a DATA Flatrate, even if its such a bad one, its the first time they do offer one.

I am really disappointed, Goodbye iPhone for now...
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