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Whatever happened to price reductions. With the advent of new hardware and the prevail of older hardware, you'd think the older hardware would get a price reduction to make the product more appealing. With the iMac now using the 15 inch display you might think that would keep the price and subsequent price of larger displays go down to keep everything rounded. The iPod is still the reigning sole digital device so I guess you can't fully expect a price reduction but at 400 bucks and the fact that apple has been able to sell it for less. The pro machines are now belittled with the new iMac's 800mhz G4; the powerbook doesn't go that fast and costs a ridiculous amount of money compared to its value (I know about the ol' apple premium and the fact that it is a portable and an ultra thin one at that but still now its processor is becoming ancient and it's still costly). The base Pro desktop is a good price all things considering except once you go up a level you dump on that ol' apple premium by the ton! With the iMac containing the SuperDrive what really is the point. Expandibility comes at one hell of a price apparently. Something to think about. I think a price drop is mandatory on a lot of things or apple needs to dish out a few minor tweaks to these things to make the price palatable. Where is the G5. I know moto has mentioned the G5 product schedule but it has nothing to do with the development of the G5's that apple will be using... not a hint.

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    They're still letting you buy the old iMac for $799 low-end and $999 high-end.

    There are cheaper MP3 players, respectively. You can buy them from the Apple Store, in fact. iPod is simply the best of them, and it is priced accordingly.

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