Flash Player 9, Excessive Heat

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I searched for any related info on this in any form which got me 0 results.

I can't assume I'm the only one on the planet that wonders about this.

I recently loaded a new tool, which shows me in real time the temperature of the processor while working any application. (Temperature Monitor App V4.2)

I love this tool. It runs at the top of the finder bar showing 3 temps in 3 colors.

In normal sleep mode the temp will be roughly 80 F.

Working a document, maybe 110F

Go to any Flash media, You Tube, and temp is 155F within a a minute.

Yet one can purchase a cheap DVD player and it has no issues with heat or processor load. Granted this is Apples to Oranges comparison.

This is 2007? Or did I miss something.

A application this small shouldn't have to cook to work.

This guy gets hot enough to melt the glue holding the rubber cushions out of place on my Lapinator.

I really like my Apple Powerbook, but to torture it with a flame thrower just doesn't seem right. I expect to see solder leak out the vent.

I'm using an ancient now 1.5 year old Mac Powerbook 15", 1.67 GHz, 2 GB ram.

Wireless WiFi, wimpy reception that can't get to garage 50 feet away. Netgear from Comcast.

And no, I'm far from a Mac geek in any way.

I'm at best a 10 mm flex socket in the 99 piece set.

Older PC tower sits idle in the background for other missions, but never on-line for the last year.


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    The problem is flash on Mac. I use menumeters, highly recommended, to keep an eye on processor load, ram usage and network traffic. It helps to spot when something's crashed.

    Many flash sites cause a surge to 100% CPU load. On PC, this doesn't happen.

    It sucks.
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