Leopard Bootcamp Bug!?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Subsequent to upgrading to Leopard I recently decided to get rid of my windows partition. I used Leopard's bootcamp manager to do just that. However, for some reason whenever the computer restarts it still looks for a windows partition as the primary drive to boot-up. I previously had it set to boot windows unless I held the Option Key, but now it still tries to do that unless I hold the key. So there is no more windows partition, the start-up disk preference pane only shows 1 disk (the mac one of course) and I have no idea how to fix this bug (the result of which is if I restart the computer, it boots into a dumb DOS-like error stating 'no suitable disk to boot' or something unless I hold the option key every time I restart)

Any Ideas? Is this a known issue?


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