Disk Utility Restore Function MacBook Pro

in macOS edited January 2014
I recently upgraded from Tiger to Leopard on my MacBook, and prior to doing so I booted into Disk Utility from the Tiger Installation disk and utilized the restore function to create a bootable copy of my local hard drive onto an external drive.

This worked perfectly for my migration to Leopard. I did this using a FireWire MyBook 500 GB drive.

My friend has a MacBook Pro and I tried to do the same thing with his machine. He is using a MyBook USB 320 GB drive, but when we boot into Disk Utility from his installation disks it would not allow me to drag his local hard drive to the source bar or the external to the destination bar.

We were able to copy the local hard drives contents using the restore function in disk utility from within OS X, but then we were unable to boot into OS X with the drive. It gave us some errors on a black screen.

Any thoughts?

Can you boot into OS X from a USB Drive?
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